Tip of the Day: Learning Pull-ups

Kipping pullup thanks for Cossfitoneworld

Kipping pullup thanks for Crossfitoneworld.com

Learning the Kipping Pull-up

A lot of Crossfit eginners tend to be fearful of pull-ups.  Don’t be.  They are one of the most useful, and functional movements out there.

If you are planning on starting Crossfit, find a pull-up bar, a strong tree branch, whatever.  If you are shy, find some privacy so you are comfortable experimenting with odd feeling body movement.

Try cheating to get as many as you can.  Use you knees, hips, whatever you feel comes naturally.  Just take breaks after every few, so you can recover and get a few more.

Learning the kipping pull-up is one of the best ways to jump start your journey into Crossfit.

Videos of Kipping Pullup

Crossfit Kipping Pull-up Explained (Youtube)

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